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Marian Coe Tribute
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Marian Coe was an award-winning novelist, a former journalist and a friend. She was an active member of High Country Writers, an insightful critique partner and a supportive mentor to other writers. She lived on Sugar Mountain with her husband, artist Paul Zipperlin. She will be sorely missed by all who were fortunate to know her.


I will miss Marian riding shotgun on our many treks to the High Country Writer's meetings.We shared many fine moments discussing writing and life. She tucked me under her wing and taught me so much about writing and people.She taught me that it is mean to seek sympathy and through all her struggle with this monster called "Cancer," she never did.I hope that when the time comes that I will be as brave.
She taught me that dependency surely leaves a woman open to disappointment and she taught me that "thoughts" can ruin a life, or give it strength. or stir doubt and make one miserable. Yes, I will deeply miss Marian, her wisdom, and her encouragement to keep learning about the thing she loved so well. . . her writing.
-- Jean Shoemaker


Marian's books were honored with Book of the Year Awards from High Country Writers in their years of publication. This photo is from 1998.

For Marian Coe Zipperlin, the lovely one we cherish in our heart of hearts!
by Dottie Isbell
Marian was like a Camelia Rose
whose petals flowed
with a covering of swirling chiffon.
There were no rough rocks
to stumble over
in a relationship with our writer friend.
There was nothing artificial.
She shared the eloquence of her pen
She shared the warmth of friendship
with everyone.
Marian Coe has been a Beacon of Light
in my personal quest to be a writer.
She has critiqued, praised and suggested.
Her notes and e-mails are tied
with rainbow colors.
And in this final life her spirit will glow forever!

Marian's program and signing at Black Bear (Book Warehouse then) was the first one Bob had been to.  He had read 'Eve's Mountain' and when she finished her presentation, he said, "That Marian knows how to write a story and present it in a totally entertaining way.  She draws you into the story with drama and excitement."
                          Barbara Ingalls

What a gift!  I met Marian when we sat next to each other at the 1st Annual May We Write Conference.  In the short breaks between speakers I gained so much from Marian.   Her presence, example of fortitude, and beauty of spirit remain with me.  Though her breadth of publishing experience was greater than mine, we seemed one, remain as one.    Evelyn Asher

I remember the time that Marian, sitting next to me at the High Country Writers, told me that the assignment that I had written for the month was clever and well-written and that she really enjoyed it. Well as you can imagine, coming from Marian it made my day. She was always right on with her critiques of our manuscripts and she never failed to encourage us as writers along the way.

     However, as Operations and Sales Manager for Ingalls Publishing Group, I often saw a side to Marian that not all of those who saw her would have recognized. She was a very savvy business woman as well as a literary author. Having self published several books early in her career she knew the importance of staying on top of purchasing, royalties and marketing. She was constantly feeding me leads and sources to promote her books. She was a model for all authors who aspire to be successful
                                   Wendy Dingwall



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